Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How I Bagged one of the most exciting jobs of my career

Have you ever had plain white milk? If not, please try it. 

It had been years that I drank plain white milk. Reason ? The smell, the taste and texture of milk have not remained the same as they used to be in our childhood.

Milk is an important part of our diet, yet the adulteration that the producers and distribution channel brings along is unavoidable. To fight this cause, a direct farm to home milk was introduced first in Mumbai then in Pune. The team responsible for production, packaging and marketing of this milk, take pride in their product and hence their name.

My first encounter with this milk happened in 2012 when I was visiting the promoters of this company for a marketing related discussion. The chairman offered me a glass of this beverage to drink. Obviously, one cant refuse ! I reluctantly drank it, not sure of whether I will be able to swallow it neat! 

It was tasty! Even without mixing honey or Horlics to it, I relished the taste of it, which definitely proved the merit of it!

The chairman at the same instant decided to entrust the responsibility of setting up the distribution business of this milk in Pune to me. According to him, it was essential that a person who is working on the product should love the product.

There had been others contesting for this position but because they refused to drink the plain milk, they couldn't make it to this position! 

So, here I was, Sitting in my new office, (the office wasn’t new, but I was the one who was), thinking what to do to start this endeavour.

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