Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Stirring Launch !

Launching is no big Deal... Is it ?
I mean, we all have played Angry Birds and Launched birds one by one !!

So, there is pre launch work associated with a Launch.

Two days before the launch date, whole day, we went roaming the entire city identifying the delivery addresses to which deliveries needed to be made on the day of the launch so that we are right on schedule. 
All Set.... Get Set Go =>

The distribution had to start at 4 am in order for the milk to reach the customers latest by 6 am, so the team was briefed to reach office by 3.30 am. I reached the office at the stipulated time, only to find my reporting manager, and the milk van waiting for me with 100 liters of milk. There was no sight of my delivery team. My heart sank. I started calling up the team and waking them up. It took them an hour, but they did reach office to start deliveries. 

Did I mention that it was raining heavily all night and my team had no clue how to start deliveries?
It isn't  so easy to Launch after all !

I gave my Jacket to one in the delivering team, set them off - giving them addresses and milk bottles to deliver. I started in my car and Distributing all the milk bottles among all the resources present, all departed for the deliveries. On the Dark roads, amidst heavy rains, the delivery boys set out, accompanied by hostess girls (thats what we called them then) to deliver sample bottles of milk to the prospective customers. What followed was even more difficult. The roads that we had explored the day before during the day time, were unidentifiable during the wee hours of the morning.... but the team persisted and returned only after all the deliveries were made.

Well, you may ask, why we couldnt postpone the launch, when the climatic conditions were so adverse ? My answer would be, its all in the mind !
Once we thought and planned, that the launch would happen on an auspiscious day... So be it !

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